Pirate Pavilion in retrospect

Nico Dockx Voet architectuur Studio Zuidervaart Pirate Pavilion 2023 foto Koen Cassiman 16

Last summer, Be-Part came out with a real project in the public space in Waregem. From 26 August to 30 September, we presented the Pirate Pavilion in Baron Casier park. The pavilion was designed by artist Nico Dockx and Voet Architectuur and realised by Studio Zuidervaart.

For the pavilion, Dockx and Voet took inspiration from a spider web structure: the construction was made so that it moved with the wind like a living organism. The tubular construction had a length of 10.4 metres, a width of 13 metres and a height of 6 metres. Above it, canvases (thanks to Claessens Canvas) hung like a roof, which were painted over the weeks.

During those six weeks, the Pirate Pavilion housed numerous events. No fewer than 26 local associations organised a variety of activities, including creative workshops, music performances, story theatre, whisky tasting, lectures and games and yoga. In addition, Be-Part and Nico Dockx invited artists to various events every weekend. Below, we list those six weekends.