Drawing architecture with...

09 Sep 2023


Park Baron Casier (Waregem)
Stationsstraat 34



From 2PM - 6PM


Free event

Caroline Voet, Hera Van Sande, Wim Goes, Floris De Bruyn and Saar Meganck

Five architects use drawing to unravel the insights that inspire their practice and research. You are invited to sketch with them and, pencil in hand, to dissect a range of architectural principles. The architects all take a philosophical stance towards looking and designing. This is not only ingrained in their architectural practices but also their work at KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent, more specifically the ‘Structural Contingencies’ studio environment and research group.

Voet will draw the architectural space with reference to the pavilion’s underlying design principles, most notably the work of Jozef Albers and Dom Hans van der Laan. Hera Van Sande will explore the expression of in-between space and layering in drawings inspired by the Japanese concept of space and time, Ma. Wim Goes draws an accurate view of the horizon following the principles of reversed perspective. Floris De Bruyn draws a city with structural typologies, inspired by The Game from Collage City by Colin Rowe. Saar Meganck (Architectuur Academie Maastricht AAM and KU Leuven) explores the drawn representation of sequences and texture from very different angles. In her work, she explores architectural drawing as an alternative form of expression.

Caroline Voet and Nico Dockx designed the Pirate Pavilion in collaboration with the team at Voet architectuur. The practice aims for an inspiring spaciousness and tactile materiality in every facet of its work. With a love of atmosphere, proportion, sustainability and craftsmanship, the architects seek out the power of authentic materials and pre-existing, often historic, buildings. VOET architectuur realises projects from homes to reconversions, public interiors, installations and scenography, for private and public clients such as De Singel, Interieur Kortrijk, the VAi and the Plantin Moretus Museum. Caroline Voet is a professor at the Faculty of Architecture at KU Leuven, where she heads the ‘Structural Contingencies’ research group. She writes on contemporary issues in architectural design from an informed historical and theoretical perspective. By dissecting (historical) buildings and architectural drawings, she scrutinises and constructs new ways of transferring knowledge and future-oriented design approaches. Her books include Dom Hans van der Laan. Tomelilla (2016) and Dom Hans van der Laan. A House for the Mind (DAM Architecture Book of the Year Award 2018). She is also the editor of Autonomous Architecture in Flanders (2016) and The Hybrid Practitioner (2022).

Bring a picnic blanket and sketching materials!