Thomas Nolf

18 Dec 2023 - 18 Feb 2024
Airshow Thomas Nolf Mei 1998

During the lockdown, Thomas Nolf relived his childhood dream of becoming a pilot.
He installed the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator on his computer and went on a virtual journey from Brussels to Andalusia, the region where he would do an art residency at Fuerteventura in 2020.

Arriving in Spain, he remembered the slogan “As Real as it Gets,” written on the box of Flight Simulator 1998. It inspired him to seek out people who, like himself, did not become pilots but still found a way to be as close to their dream as possible.

Thomas Nolf went spotting planespotters around Seville airport and visited a man who had built a Boeing cockpit in his attic room.

Meanwhile, Thomas continued working on this project in various places around the world. During the residency at Be-Part/rhizome_, Thomas will work on his images, sound recordings, and videos.

A presentation moment will follow in February 2024.

© image: Airshow, Thomas Nolf, May 1998