Ultra Eczema presenteert: I WANNA BE YOUR DOG

02 Sep 2023
Iggy and the Stooges Cincinnati 1970 live


Park Baron Casier (Waregem)
Stationsstraat 34



From 6PM


Free event

Dennis Tyfus, Nico Dockx
2 September

Dennis Tyfus’ label Ultra Eczema – for 26 years the producer of records, editions and countless other surprises – is shaking up the Pirate Pavilion. The programme is as exhaustive as it is outstanding! The Stooges’ immortal track I Wanna Be Your Dog is the only song on the agenda. It will be performed by a diverse range of artists, scientists and musicians – some of whom have never even heard the original version of this global hit – for your listening pleasure. Dog whisperers and fetishists of all kinds – and everyone under the sun except the police – are more than welcome to join this auditory highlight! Ultra Eczema is also releasing a real double LP by A Dog Republic, on which, if you listen carefully, you can discern the sounds of hundreds of internationally acclaimed dogs.

Dennis Tyfus (b. 1979, Antwerp) is a visual artist, radio producer, publisher and musician. He lives and works in Antwerp and has been represented by the Tim Van Laere Gallery since 2020.


Paw Low Ski Patrol, De Stoeltjes, Miaux, Milan W., The Zangles, Jef Cuypers, Elko B, Remörk, Clara Lissens, Ria Pacquée, Skemer, Wietske Van Gils & Lieven Martens, Gaute Granli, Stacks, Burger Service, De Kloe, Bontridders, Plexi Stad, Penus, Vom Grill, Hanne De Backer, Sergeant, Hiele, Dylan Belgrado, Don Vitalski, Echo Beatty, Gerard Herman, Annelies Monseré, Kati Heck, Borokov Borokov, Liegenaar, Ode De Kort, Vieze Meisje, Rudy Trouvé, Addylove_X, De Derde Repetitie and many more! Show transitions by Daniel De Wereldvermaarde Botanicus and presented by Stéphane Schraenen.